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Built by State Street Global Advisors specifically for investment professionals, SPDR ETF Ed is your seminal online resource for ETF education.

When making ETF investment decisions, questions can arise on best practices, trends and applications. ETF Ed provides the answers to help you evolve and inform your use of ETFs.

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Customized and Reinforced Learning to Advance your Knowledge

Take a short self-assessment to receive a customized educational plan that focuses on the topics that will strengthen your ETF know-how and expertise. SPDR ETF Ed also allows you to:

  • Challenge yourself and test whether you've mastered the material
  • Track your progress
  • Earn CE credits

Digestible, Interactive and Easy to Access

  • Cover most topics in 10 minutes or less
  • Access SPDR ETF Ed from your smartphone or tablet
  • Learn from a variety of easy to consume formats

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ETF Ed allows you to share the topics most relevant to your practice and clients. You can share a course, video or chart to illustrate interesting points with clients and colleagues.

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Courses are presented in easy-to-digest nuggets onscreen, allowing you to quickly grasp new concepts and apply them to your investment portfolios.

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At the end of each course, answer a single question to assess whether you’ve mastered the material.

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